Are charter schools public schools?
Yes! By law, charter schools are public schools.

How much do public charter schools cost to attend?
They are absolutely free!

Are public charter schools held to the same accountability and testing requirements?
Yes. They must take all the same required tests as traditional public schools, and they are held accountable not only to the state but also to their charter sponsor.

How do public charter schools choose their students?
They don't. Public charter schools are open to all students to enroll. When applications exceed a school's capacity, a random lottery is held.

Do public charter schools serve fewer English learners (ELLs) than traditional public schools?
There is no significant difference in the percentage of ELLs served by traditional public schools or public charter schools.

Do public charter schools skim or cherry-pick the best students from traditional public schools?
No--charter schools serve all students. They have no selective admissions requirements, and they must accept all students, including English language learners and students with special needs.

Is OPCSA funded by private entities?
No. OPCSA is a member association consisting of Oklahoma's charter schools. Members pay dues, but we receive no external funding.

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