Easy Passage of Charter Bill a Sign of Progress in OK

When Oklahoma and other states first authorized charter schools, charters were detested by the education establishment. In 1999, an official with the Oklahoma State School Board Association even compared charter school supporters to Nazi propagandists. Read More

Outlook: Charter School Principal Works to Raise Bar

Principal Yunus Bicici runs Dove Science Academy out of an old building on NW 23 that once housed a nightclub and a gym. The school, which offers a range of college preparatory programs was named best in Oklahoma. Read More

Dove Science Academy Promotes Cultures, Languages at Celebration

With the premier Celebration of World Languages, Dove Science Academy opened the door to richer social networks and cultural understanding with song, dance and more. Read More

Rural Charter School Established

Carlton Landing Academy will become the first public charter school outside of Oklahoma and Tulsa counties. Read More

Charter School Official Says Expansion Talks in Oklahoma City 'Damaged' By Misinformation

For 11 years, KIPP Reach Academy Principal Tracy McDaniel has tried to sell Oklahoma City Public Schools on the idea of growing his charter school model. Read More

Charter School Programs Begin Community Discussion on OKCPS Integration

In April, Oklahoma City begins a paramount public discussion on three charter schools possibly expanding their models into the state’s largest school district. Read More

Local Charter Schools Offer Partnership with OKCPS

Oklahoma City parent Ryan Marshall gets it. “I understand parents want the best for their kids,” Marshall said, “and they are going to do what they can to make sure their kids receive the best education.” Read More

Seeworth Academy Offers Change of Scenery for At-Risk Students

All Joe Clapp needed was a change of scenery and some tough love. Read More

STEM-tastic Expo to Help Build Future Workforce of Young Scientists

Gone are the days of stiff presentations and poster boards. Students now light chemicals on fire, set volcanoes to overflow and burn balloons without bursting them. Read More

Eric Doss: School Choice Week: Allowing Families to Choose the School that's Right for Them

This week has been designated School Choice Week, and across the country, communities are celebrating the power of parent and student choice in education. Read More