Funding Varies from School to School

Mitchell Talk‘s host Scott Mitchell explored how schools are funded in Oklahoma and found that per student funding isn’t evenly spread among schools and school districts. Read More

How an Oklahoma charter school could afford to pay their teachers well

As Oklahoma schools look for more ways to trim their budget, a metro charter school had found a way to not only pay their teachers, but pay them well. Read More

A local charter program plans to expand into south OKC

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Chaney: Celebrating authentic, quality public school choice

Every parent needs and deserves choices in respect to what they feel is best for their children. Read More

KIPP Reach celebrates 15 years of enriching students’ lives

Before charters became the central feature of the school choice movement and years before Oklahoma lawmakers passed a charter school law, Oklahoma City educator Tracy McDaniel stockpiled education ideas from the nation’s first charter schools. Read More

Virtual, charter schools claim majority of midyear gains in public education funding

Seven fast-growing charter schools, including all four of the state’s virtual school choices, were among the top 20 in gaining state aid in annual, midyear adjustments made this week by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Read More

South OKC charter school secures larger facility

Santa Fe South Schools, a K-12 charter that serves 2,400 students, could grow by as many as 500 students when the high school moves into a 157,000-square-foot building on the grounds of the old Crossroads Mall. Read More

New Oklahoma town becomes home to state's first rural charter school

The majority of Oklahoma towns were founded nearly a hundred years ago, but for the first time in decades, a new town has been founded in Pittsburg County, and it's already seen a lot of growth. Read More

Oklahoma is poised to see charter school enrollment continue recent growth

Charter enrollment has surged in recent years with nearly 10,000 students attending non-virtual charter schools, double the enrollment from a decade ago. Read More

Broken Arrow’s Susan Anderson is 2017 Teacher of the Year Finalist at Epic Charter

Epic Charter Schools, the largest virtual charter school in Oklahoma and with students and teachers located throughout the state, has announced its 2017 Teacher of the Year finalists. Read More